We deal with finances objectively. Remotely.

We specialise in remote, personalised counselling on mortgages and insurance in the United Kingdom

Personally. Objectively. Remotely
Our Process

When you are faced with such a sudden change in the world, you need to ensure that your finances, mortgage and life insurance are safe.

Book a remote consultation and discuss your options and best choices. We are here for you.

Financial services

Comprehensive assistance, quick response

  • We help you to choose the best mortgage offer
  • We assist in the submission of mortgage applications for government schemes for first-time home buyers (LIFT, FIRST HOME FUND or HELP TO BUY)
  • We check reports on the general condition of the property
  • We search for law firms
  • We make offers to buy property on behalf of the client
  • We advise you on choosing the right insurance

Objective advice

Our clients expect us to operate smoothly in the financial world

We guarantee that our recommended mortgage and insurance products are the most favourable for you.

We save your time by taking care of the entire property purchase process. All you have to do is provide us with the required documents.

Experience and expertise

Since 2012 we have been filtering the market in search of the best offers

  • mortgage
  • remortgage
  • Buy-to-Let
  • life insurance
  • critical illness insurance
  • income insurance
  • accident insurance
  • home insurance

What you get with us

Benefits for you

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Saving time and money

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darmowa porada

Free counselling

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Service in Polish

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Online insurance

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We have been trusted by hundreds of customers

On the market from 2012

Over 1000 clients

Thousands of savings

Join them and save on your mortgage