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Forget about long, tiring meetings with an insurance agent in your home. Why don’t you sit down comfortably and have your family insured?

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4 types of insurance

Adjust the policy type to your needs. We will not tell you what to choose. But we will tell you which policy will protect you and your family. It is your life after all.

Under life insurance with a specified term, in the event of your death, a benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries you have entitled to receive it. You can nominate children, a partner, parents, siblings and even a charity.

Life insurance with an indefinite term limit (i.e. until the day you die). Compensation will be paid when you die to the individuals you have specified.

A policy from which compensation is paid in the event of a diagnosis of a critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. You will find a full list of illnesses in your policy documents (key facts).

A policy from which compensation is paid in the event of an injury (e.g. hospitalisation, bone fracture) or death resulting from an accident. It is possible to cover children with this insurance, and add insurance for active people.

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Krzysztof Zaremba and Olga Dobosz

Once again, thank you for your help, I found a cheaper life insurance without any additional costs and or small print. The best thing is that Objective Protect is always there to help you over the phone to clearly explain all provisions in your mother tongue. I give them five stars and I recommend  them to everyone. Why pay more if you can have it done better and cheaper?

Erika Silvanović

A very convenient, fast search engine. The questions are clear and, most importantly, in Polish. ;) Recommended.

Paweł and Estera Popiołek

It is a great insurance search engine. It’s easy to use (even for the biggest layman), the pages are clear and do not require much analysis. It is enough to provide a minimum amount of data and there you go, you know all you need. 100% recommended!

You are safe, no surprises

We care about your future, and that is why our policies are only provided by trusted companies that we have been cooperating with for years.


Life insurance is a serious matter, which is why we make every effort to provide detailed information

Are there financial penalties for early termination?
What can payouts from life insurance be used for?
What illnesses are covered by the critical illness insurance?
Is there a waiting period in the policy?

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